Specialising In The Design

And Delivery Of Bespoke Conflict Management

Training Ensuring The Maximum Transfer Of Learning.

The Experts In Delivering

Conflict Management Solutions To Public
And Private Organisations In Ireland.

Providing Practical, Tried

And Tested Solutions To Prevent
And Reduceconflict In Your Workplace.

Specialising In The Design

And Delivery Of Bespoke Conflict Management
Training Ensuring The Maximum Transfer Of Learning.


Regardless of the sector you work in over the past few years most organisations are having to do more with less. Personnel have seen their workloads increase and resources reduce. In addition frontline employees occasionally have to work with difficult or aggressive members of the public. If employees, as a result of their job or workplace, are exposed to abuse, threats and even violence it can have a devastating effect. Employees may experience stress, reluctance to perform certain duties directly affecting staff attendance and retention.

However in every workplace there are strategies that can be employed to reduce or remove levels of aggression. Frontline employees both public and private deliver exceptional services throughout the country on a daily basis. ICSE Conflict management provide them with the additional tools to feel safer in their workplace allowing them to get on with their primary duties.

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how ICSE Conflict management can best assist you in developing a conflict management solution for your organisation.


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